Monday, March 13, 2006

The Yellow Poem

Golden curls
of heads close together
softly tickle the
orbs of dandelion laughter
as they bubble up to
honeyed sunbeams ~
unfurling to circle
their light innocence.

Honeysuckle cubes
wink and they prattle
in extra cool lemonades
sipped by gilt hummingbirds
soothed underneath
forsythia’s saffronic tones.

Proud lemon cream sunflowers
entwined with fond yarrow
are trifled and teased by
gamboge butterflies.

Daffodils dally sweetly
in amber waltzes for warblers
with bumble bees abuzz with delight,
while sunny canaries charm
the chartreuse petals
of lilies
with frolicking, jubilant songs.

And the coquettish buttercups
the sweet glowing buttercups
are elated
are rapturous
at today’s
bright yellow mirth.

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