Monday, March 13, 2006


I cannot die today

Not in a world where
coquettish cattails sway
teased with glorious goldenrods
speckled in and out
by morning’s laughing dew

not when tree trunks
grey washed
stand guard in swamps
while heron’s sharpened eyes
are searching
always searching
and in a moment
lift into a flight
stopping time
breaking my heart
and fill my eyes
with tears
I never let escape

I cannot not leave this world

No, not when the
point my way
built by patient human hands
on enormous jagged stone
to guide me
on this road

not when the blackest crows
leave their broken trees to
fly with me
carefully watching
with their souls
so much older
than my own
with eyes
deeper than my
love or hate
than emotion
or than my time

and no I can not go
not while I still love

not while this bright moon
shines her soul o’er my
Blackest lake

not while the bats begin
their evening’s dance
their joyous precious flight
that holds me in a
humble wonder

I cannot die today

not with the trees
their long kept secrets
once again to me

when I am here
I can live awhile

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