Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cataclysmic Cosmic Approaching Catatonic

The best laid plans...

careful what you wish for.
things couldn’t get any worse.
you can’t please all of the people all of the time,
or even some of the time.
sometimes none of the time
sometimes not even yourself
so what’s up with this stupid pleasing thing?

and this you must always remember
never forget.
no good deed will ever (ever) go unpunished.

friends don’t let friends ... what?
and what is it that friends let friends do?
should do. would do. screw who?
what do you do with friends who hate each other’s others?
let do, don’t do, should do – with who?
will this be on the final exam?

planning is over rated.
spontaneity on the other hand,
(there will always be another hand to keep you on your toes)
spontaneity can bite you so hard on your ass it bleeds.
(ass biting on the other hand can be under rated)

and as a rule try to speak the same language
as the man you want that wild affair with.

and another thing.
scratch that last thought,
and skip the conversation – its over rated
and can lead to planning
and we all know where that can get you.

and sometimes even well placed
humorous loving support
can mean -fuck all-
yes, yes heartbreakingly sad, but true
these times may call for biting sarcasm
and excessive speed.

and when you plan
(plan a four letter word)
to run away
when that escape opportunity opens up,
you should, Get the Fuck Out of Dodge.
do not pause.
do not think.
do not pass go.

when you miss that chance,
or the chance misses you,
or the fates intervene,
or whatthefuckever
what do you do?

What if there is no fuckin' message?
What if you’re really stuck in dodge?

so what?


so what if you’ve simply fallen into a
Cataclysmic Cosmic approaching Catatonic
Cluster Fuck
and THAT’S where you were always
meant to be?

So what…