Monday, March 13, 2006


I stopped today -
in my purple-soccermom-mini-van
complete with wrappers,
apple cores,
water bottles,
and enough sports equipment to outfit
several teams
in a marvelous

it was raining
it was
~ R A I N I N G ~
the cloudbursting-raindrops-size-of-your-fist kind of
~ Raining ~
rain that makes you
- clean -
washes the air
~ fresh ~
with the - lightning flash - and the - thunder crash -
and the sky, that amazing heavy

I love that colour

there I was,
loving the sky
thunderandlightning -
and these guys pull up,
on motorcycles
in the rain
they're laughing,
mouth open head back laughing,
raindrops dancing down their faces
to their
soaking wet T-shirts
their drenched hair flinging
more water back to the

maybe it was
I've been dry
for far too many weeks
or perhaps,
the music was playing
just Loud enough
inside my soccer-van
it could have been
the motorcycles....

I rolled my window down,
let the rain paint
rolling prisms
over my bare skin,
invited wind to dance
with drops within my curling hair;
and laughed -
a mouth open,
head back kind of laugh
and thanked the wind and rain
for remembering me today.

1 comment:

Kathleen Callon said...

This is... amazing. I love how it makes me feel. That could so be me with the wrappers and apple cores and equipment, and the rain. Thanks for sharing.