Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Elephant in our Garden (excerpt)
by Peter Dunne

When I first saw the elephant hanging from the the tree,
I must confess that it startled me.
"What are you doing there and how long will you stay?"
I enquired of the elephant to hear what he'd say.
"I'm an arboreal pachyderm, small and compact,
And I've chosen this tree to make up for its lack
Of an elephant."


Gary said...

Very nice... and doubly nice in that I navigated here from your comment on my 'elephant post'.

Is ISLAND yours? It's tryly lovely.

Callooh said...

unless it has another author's name, it's my poetry (ditto for the pictures) - funny going from one elephant to another... this one was going to be a children's book - but is up in the air now (poor elephant!) it has a hippo, zebras, vultures, just about everything, and a brilliant rhyming text.... maybe one day.... thx gary.

Anonymous said...

DEBBY said:
Wow Ruth, I was going to ask you the same thing Gary just this your poem and picture? ( I figured it was because there is no other name listed ) I love gossamer wings! Beautiful! As is the picture....but ALL your pictures are awesome!

Callooh said...

jeepers Debbie! thanks. maybe I'll post these over on Bulldog... thanks so much about the pictures, I have a hard time deciding about them (and the poetry) sometimes... (that's why some only are posted here).