Thursday, January 18, 2007

Little Poems

cold sleep

no stars
weep abando
as our discarded die
disappeared in foul rooms, cold tears
dried wine.


fear strolls
on soft bear’s paws
hushed growling, calmly tastes
decides – and stretching sharpest claws
carves me.

cut me
I hate
the sky’s fading
touch – etched within my heart
take the words from me – cut them all


charcoal crumbles
pale colourless am I
as grimy guilt on paper pressed
my blood


I cannot be seen
squeezed in the palm of your hand
I have disappeared


yesterday I tried –
tried to go – someone Shouted
“Hey you!” then – s h o o k – me

“don’t you – Don’t You Dare Leave Me”
She shook me –
Hard ---


Debby said... this one is by Peter Dunne? Isn't he on Bulldog? Name sounds familiar. Well, tis an adorable little poem with a smidge of Seuss woven in....and I love the water color Peter also? ( it is water color, yes? )
~ Debby
PS....Your website is very interesting with awesome art, poetry and photographs....kudos to you!

Callooh said...

okay, the rhyming text is by Peter, and yes, he is one Bulldog (and was on Poets too), the painting is mine. the idea was for me to illustrate his book (it really is quite marvelous)... but, well you know how things can go. so I'm making a collage out of most of the images (see my imagery blog for the first draft of the collage - and if you go back abit one of the paintings for the book is there too) - I put this up b/c I thought it should get at least some public reading... thanks Debbie! ps if you want the comments to pair up with the post (not that it matters to me) click at the bottom of the poem/picture thingy, I'd change it if I could, but it's one of the fixed things on this blog template (and my html isn't THAT good...!)