Tuesday, February 13, 2007

spider haiku

struggling spider's
fine weave, defies elements
to watch, happiness.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie! I think I am on the right comment for your spider Haiku.....which is a fine Haiku, only thing is...don't think the spider stuggles to create his fine weave of art...or does this mean the spider is watching his meal struggle? lol Anyway, also, just a mention that I can't get onto the bulldog anymore till the web dudes fix the problem of the hyphens and such....I should have never used that hyphen over the e in my pen name...rats! So you won't be hearing from me on there for a while or maybe never. I would leave my email address for you , but not on here.
Later! ~ Debby

Callooh said...

thanks Debbie, the idea for this came from something one of my Sunday School kids said about watching a spider's struggle to build a web, and watching the spider finally succeed -- that inspired him and made him happy. perhaps I haven't quite hit the mark with it yet. Drag about the bulldog, I've been sick and haven't been on.

I'm glasshill@gmail.com if you want to email me -- you about about 2 other people read this blog, so I'm not too worried about a huge influx of email... ;-)