Saturday, February 24, 2007


and when first I loved
you, I was my other self,
whose surface love gripped, and
clung in
with dreadful fingernails.

when first I tried
new love.

layers have peeled;
of love, of scorn,
and fresher passions,
flayed from
fragile skin.
nerves lay alive on
frail new membranes, alert to
desire’s precise pain.

trembling, I stand alone
becoming stronger;
virgin flesh
still unprotected.
my hidden love,
my fierce passion

for you
, bound loosely
deep within myself.
I swallow back and
gag on my bile stained
remorseful confessions.

you are
my unremitting bedrock
worth capricious joy;
essential still,
for each heart beat,
and my every
single breath.

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