Sunday, December 03, 2006

still life

jack of clubs
Originally uploaded by Callooh.

pencil stub, eraser erased
a life spent for
middle school math
waiting for the impending
dog teeth, the
slow and splintered death.

he finds temporary solace
in the company of an
odd forgotten mitten
whose mate's
been left frozen beside
the half melted snowman
on the lawn.
alone, she is not touched,
her mate lost
to her.

the dime, slightly dulled
and dirty, but remembering
always remembering the
shinier days, anxiously awaits
his rediscovery,
his return to his musical,
and magic kin.

neglected and discarded
little plastic game
once in a brightly coloured
birthday bag, briefly treasured
quickly broken
now abandoned
prays not to be discovered
and placed in the black bags
that leave and never return.

sitting up, I drink my tea
and return to my book.

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