Friday, September 22, 2006

a woman

clouds - lots of willow branches
Originally uploaded by Callooh.

she struggles
not to desire
so very much

not to love

and more elusive still
she labours
not to love
so very much

not to inhale too deeply
so when that first breath
does come
her inspiration
will not be
small whisps of clouds
that danced upon tall summits

if it comes at all

to love so much
she trusts
that even
with closed eyes
on her darkest nights
a radiant red light
will softly dwell
upon her sleeping eyes
and enfold itself
all around her

that she may embrace
and abandon
herself in
the exquisite pain
of her
wide open soul

she seeks to shield
herself away
from this love
but she cannot
remember how

and so
she goes from
day to day
with heart exposed
gracious trees,
gazing on
her radiant moon,
understanding the passions
of the sea,
and loving her earth,
with a joy that makes her ache

and loving a man

for all that he is
for all that he will never be

and some days

it all away

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