Friday, September 22, 2006


Girl watching
Originally uploaded by Callooh.

upon my finger
your wings
by charcoal's fragile lines
paint so tenderly
soft night’s air
in waves of
flawless silence

you an impish gift
sent from smitten twilight
for his beloved moon

you delicately taste
my tea and honeyed fingers
wash your tiny face
and taste again

your profound ebony eyes
affirm me
in prismic layers

we, together
in midnight’s garden
eavesdropping on
parceled harmonies from
unseen lovers

you, refreshed
take wing
into your lovers’ darkness
your silent flight
disappearing into
the garden's symphonies

and I

breathe in
night's perfumes

our brimming moon
with empathic eyes

the lover's songs
with knees under my chin

and I
know faith

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