Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Poem

~ for Sean, my dear friend ~

I had a poem the other day
wove with daisy chains and stars
and dulcet moon-gilt sighs
that breathed upon and in-between
crossed lover’s tumbling hearts

It bubbled o’er with hopeful pansies
and spilled with lemon lilies’ laughs
held sweet smiles of ever-ever-afters
freshly painted on wee buttercups
that I tossed in for good measure

but its left me now
being much too delicate
to be held by quill's light strokes
upwards it floated bubble like
verses spirited from me
into a giggled pirouette
within the teasing winks of sunbeams
it did look very beautiful

I watched it for a time
blithely billowing
in Zephyr’s twists
pausing very briefly
to brush my face
for the gentlest
of parting kisses

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