Monday, March 27, 2006

My Muse (the bastard)

Your whisper teases through
these billowed drapes
to dangle whimsied dreams
in front of me - that delightful longing
softly strokes my mood
so velvet
is your touch, again to you
myself I offer - I am yours
to resist that voice
in blissful abandon
I happily surrender
imagination swirling,
cascading as you spill from me
all my colours
my passions
my dreams
all of my beauty
my soul - my love
in wondrous ecstasy.

too soon you require more
pull too hard
wrapping 'round me - wrenching from me
and forcing to harsh lights
my heart's secrets
ripping open doors long since
locked and bared
and holding up harsh mirrors
then laughing as you smash them
on my paper
stained with bloodied words
scrawled by my dampened hands

as I lie helpless
the click of the door
as you abandon me
I am alone
with only our words
and I long for your soft whispers
once again

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