Saturday, December 31, 2005

I am

unseen finches singing in cool willow branches
a bittersweet taste you hold in your mouth
bubbling laughter impatiently wanting to dance

a shattered looking-glass heart

sunlight winking inbetween raindrops

rage tearing apart blue skies with my voice

warm honey dripping from freshly baked bread

private salt tears

ripples from paddles dipped into still waters
strands of pain stretched beyond bearing

watercolours bled to each other to form dry paper rainbows

terror rocking back and forth in that dark corner just there

the red light on closed eye lids absorbing the sun

the velvet black of a night with no stars

a textured charcoal line on thick coloured paper

crocus bulbs emerging from cold earth in the springtime

the total silence where reflections stop in deep water

the breeze that will lightly brush along side of your face

exquisite pain floating just under skin
cool tides pulled by a distant blue moon

dead, now forgotten, once pretty flowers

black rich mother earth crumbling now in my hands

wondrous child’s eyes

a roaring inferno that can burn from within

a lily overdrenched with rainwater

I am
I am
I am

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